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Brassicas & Apiaceaes
Some of the first plants that thrive in cool soils.
4 pack container – 1 plant per cell x4 plants per container

Cukes – Squash – Melons
Round out the garden with heat seeking plants.
2-3 plants per 3-1/2″ container to plant as a “hill”

Eggplant & Other Specialty
Asian and standard eggplants, Sweet potato, Okra, Peanuts, Cotton
1 plant per 3-1/2″ container

Vitamin dense leaf varieties ready for early Spring planting.
4 pack container – multiple plants per cell

Herb baskets are wonderful gifts for the growers in your life. They make lovely additions to any deck or porch.

Culinary & medicinal including pantry basics, perennials, and superstar pollinators.
1 plant per 3-1/2″ container

Storage, sweet and culinary favorites.
4 pack container – approximately 12 plants per container

Peppers with Heat Scale
Sweet & Heat in a various colors, shapes and sizes.
1 plant per 3-1/2″ container

Slicers, paste types for canning, saladette, cherry and husk varieties.
1 plant per 3-1/2″ container

4 thoughts on “Edibles

  1. Wondering if my husband and I can stop by sometime this week to buy some plants. We have been there before and know the way.



    1. Hi, Eileen. Thank you for your message. Yes. We are open for business! I see you did schedule an appointment on Sunday. I’m looking forward to seeing you again. FYI – our public hours are on Friday and Saturday 9a-5p. I’ve added this the website now as it was missing.


    1. Hi Barbara. It’s great to hear from you. Leeks and shallots will be ready this week as well as most herbs, greens, brassicas, and other alliums. The cukes, squash and melons still need a couple weeks. Looking forward to our annual vist! See you soon.


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