Good Root Growers is a greenhouse grower providing vegetable, herb and flower starts following organic growing practices. Established in 2013, our focus is on food, heirlooms and the slightly unusual with more than 130 varieties of incredible edibles. We know that gardeners are an adventuresome type. Experiencing new flavors, shapes, and sizes is deeply satisfying.

In addition to our spring sale from our on-farm greenhouse, we wholesale plant starts to local health conscious grocers, CSAs and larger vegetable producers.

Owners Sue Gerlach and husband, Allen Freiermuth, Wisconsin natives and long time gardeners.

In 2002, we purchased the 30-acre parcel, and it became our home in 2010 when we re-located from Hudson, WI. In 2013, we bought the greenhouse business (then known as Prairie Farm Gardens) from our neighbor, Steve Hearth. In 2018, ten acres of flowers and 250 trees were planted as Monarch and wildlife habitat through the Natural Resources Conservation Services program. 

“I always dreamed of working in greenhouse but never thought I’d own one.”

Sue’s business experience was in IT project management. Most recently she was the operational manager for Farmer To Farmer, a non-profit providing direct trade organic coffee. Sue is also proud to support the Hay River Transition Initiative a nationwide movement to create resilient rural areas through local sourcing and green education.

Allen is a recruiter in the trades industry. He draws from professions in customer service, landscape/lawn maintenance and past master gardener training. He enjoys foraging wild edibles such as mushrooms, hunting turkey, game birds and deer, raising chickens and tapping maple syrup on their land.

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