2020 Statement of Practice PDF

Good Root Growers is dedicated to producing healthy plants following organic agricultural practices. However, we are not certified organic at this time. No petro-chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides are ever used in our growing practices.

Vegetable & Herb Seeds
We source seeds from a variety of high quality seed producers. Certified organic seeds are chosen whenever possible and heirloom varieties are preferred. A small number of herbs are started from plugs sourced from Hillcrest Nursery (certified organic grower in Manchester, MD). All seeds for edibles are from non-GMO verified sources.  2020 seeds for edibles were sourced from the following suppliers: Everwilde, Fedco, High Mowing, Johnny’s, Jordon’s, Park Seed, Seed Savers Exchange, Seeds N Such, Territorial, Totally Tomato.

Soils, Fertilizers & Moss
Sustainable local potting soil is sourced from Mississippi Top Soil (Cold Springs, MN) used by many local certified organic growers. It contains all natural compost, peat, and perlite. Additional Vermiculite may be added to improve soil composition for specific planting applications. We use Sustane (OMRI listed) as an all-purpose granulated slow release fertilizer. We may also supplement with Drammatic ONE (OMRI listed) liquid fish emulsion.

Long-fibered Sphagnum moss is used to line our herb baskets. It is a renewable resource locally and sustainably grown by Mosser Lee in Millston, Wisconsin.

Supplemental Applications
Beneficial nematodes or beneficial insects (i.e.. ladybugs), or neem oil may be used on occasion as natural insecticides/fungicides or organism soil builders within the greenhouse.

Our business is based on customer satisfaction – providing high quality culinary vegetables and herb plants along with exceptional customer service.  If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.  Visitors are most welcome to the greenhouse.

Happy Growing!
Sue Gerlach