Ordering Make Easy

BROWSE the Master Plant List selecting varieties that interest you and suit your needs.  This list classifies heirlooms, organic, open pollination, hybrids, providing dates to maturity and size. Need help? We are happy to answer any questions you may have and suggest varieties. Each year we re-fresh our offerings based on customer feedback and preference.We pride ourselves on expanding our selections and providing custom solutions.  Want to try something new? We’d love to try it – we welcome requests for new varieties or plants with unique attributes.

REVIEW We’ll meet with you or walk through your order over the phone. An email will be sent to confirm your order. Wholesale pricing is available with order minimums typically with full or half flats orders of a specific variety. Orders are typically finalized towards the end of January to ensure seed purchases can be obtained.

WE TAKE IT FROM HERE Once your order is confirmed we start planting and caring for your season’s plants. Healthy, resilient plants are delivered. Standard containers are 3-1/2″ pots or 4 packs. Other configurations are available for your custom needs.

PICK UP or DELIVERY  We’re flexible – accommodating dates that coincide with your store sales or planting schedule. We provide solutions that cater to your specific needs or limitations providing multiple deliveries and workarounds for in-climate weather.

RETAIL READY Weather permitting we take care to harden off especially those early delivery cold crops. Individual plant labeling provides a retail ready product. A color photo card is available to you for each variety in your order. When displayed with your plants, these easy to print index cards are a point of sale reference for customers. View this year’s PLANT CARDS here.

Have a question? Call Sue at (715) 600-2212 or email sue@goodrootgrowers.com